Sígueme a la Casa de Putas

tijuana rat rod
This reader submission comes from my friend SVT2888 (also known as Leo, in the real world). He is a Cars & Coffee regular, and he takes great photos every Saturday. This past Saturday we were graced with a surprisingly painted rat-rod pickup truck. I didn’t quite grasp the excellence in the paint scheme until Leo clued me in… If your workplace is easily offended, you might be careful to hop the jump as some of the photos show scantily clad painted ladies adoring this vehicle.
I will let Leo explain what makes this truck more interesting than meets the gabacho eye:

This truck just stood out to me like a sore thumb amongst the usual crowd of exotics we get at Cars and Coffee. You see this is no ordinary Rat Rod style pick-up, this is perhaps the most awesome Rat Rod pick-up ever – because of the theme the owner decided to go with. Forget the traditional pin striping with a fake shop name on the door. There is no hot rod car club listed on the car either.
Instead special ladies and gentlemen, this truck chose to represent the place where many adventurous boys become men. This truck proudly represents the Brothels of Tijuana, Mexico.
The name “Coahuila” represents the area in Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico where prostitution is perfectly legal. Yes, you heard that right LEGAL, which means longer having to worry about being in next weeks episode of COPS. This has been legal for quite some time, but surprisingly this isn’t as wide spread knowledge as one would think.
I started laughing when I spotted the truck while my friends, two of whom are Brits, were staring at me perplexed. I then explained why this truck was more awesome than your common everyday Rat Rod pick-up (Ed: common  everyday SoCal Rat Rod pickup). Once I explained, they just looked at me as if I had just told them how to get to Narnia… I fear that I might not be seeing these friends for quite a while after I shared this knowledge.
On the drivers side it reads “Mujeres por la hora” which translates to “Women by the hour.” It also reads “Cuartos para tu sabes” or “Rooms for you know what.” While the passenger side is adorned by a lady standing with a P.R.I sign which is Mexico’s Republican party which is famous for being highly corrupt. It also reads “Buenas Pa tocar” which transltates to “Good for touching,” since the strip clubs allow you to touch the strippers every which way you want.  It also reads “La Corneta: ‘y otras payasadas’” or “The Cornet: and other tomfoolery.”

[For more of Leo’s great pictures visit CNCpics.com]

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  1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
    Jeff Glucker

    Sorry for the large photo in the gallery… our guinea pigs are on a break right now. MEEP MEEP MEEEEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP…

    1. Fej Avatar

      oh uh… sounds like someone rustled a paper bag.
      Also, Bitch'n pickup

  2. JeepyJayhawk Avatar

    Nice to see he is proud of his hobbies. Isn't this more or less what Hot Rod culture is supposed to be? Fantastic cars and um… ladies?

  3. Jasmine Burchinal Avatar

    Buenas tardes!. Buen contenido, agregaré tu blog a mi lector de noticias. Adios!

  4. slow internet chicago Avatar

    I never imagined how much information there was out there about this! Thank you for making this easy to figure out

  5. Claudine Avatar

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  6. rudesgirl Avatar

    Thanks for all the great feedback and comments, this is my husbands build "Rudy Rodriguez". We just discovered this blog through a friend. When Rude built this truck he had no idea what stir it was going to cause! and not in a bad way. It started a crazy trend of hot rods deamed "Rudy Style". You can see Rude's other work on his website: fullertonfabrications.com and in the book "Hot Rod Kings" by David Perry and Kevin Thomson, just to name a few. Although Rude does all sorts of creative and amazing builds this truck put him on the map.

  7. Steve in New York Avatar
    Steve in New York

    I just stumbled on this and cant believe you all stood infront of possibly the most famous hotrod built in the last twenty years not knowing its importance or how it turned the hotrod world upside down. It was built by easily one of the most talented people building today and describing it as a rat rod is incredible. There was nothing like it when it was built and like Jimi Hendrix, Rudy Rodriguez forever changed the scene when it was done.
    Great photos of a great car.
    Steve in New York.

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