Show off your own video work in the OPTIMA Film Fest

Optima Film Fest
We love making video here at the Hooniverse. Pointing cameras at cars is fun, and we hope it’s been even a little bit entertaining for you as we’ve worked to grow our own YouTube channel these past few years.
Maybe you like making your own videos? The folks at OPTIMA want to hear from you because they’re putting together a film festival that seems to be a celebration of all things with an engine and wheels.
If you’ve got a video you think might be worthy, head to this page and submit your work. They’re not looking for Citizen Kane on Cars. Instead, this is about short-form work. Use your imagination and your camera to realize a vision and turn it into a contest entry.
Hurry up, because the festival deadline is the 20th. That means get out there and start shooting!

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