Saleen Ford Bronco Big Oly

Saleen says its cooking up a modified Bronco wearing Big Oly styling

In news we missed until just now, Saleen says it is ready to offer a fully modified version of the Ford Bronco. The kit looks pretty amazing since it wears a Big Oly tribute livery and sports massive fenders. But we’re not sure what Saleen is doing to the engine of the truck. Regardless, here’s a rundown of what Saleen says you would expect to find from its potential Bronco build:

  • Saleen front bumper with Integrated LED Light Array and forged carbon skid plate
  • Saleen Grille surround in forged carbon with Baja Blue accent color
  • Saleen Design composite front fenders with integrated forged carbon fender vent
  • Saleen Power Hood
  • Dual A-Pillar mount LED driving light
  • Roof Mount Pro 8 light bar
  • Saleen rocker panel guards
  • Body Color removable roof with Saleen Design modular roof rack
  • Saleen Design composite rear fenders and quarter panel
  • Saleen adjustable rear roof spoiler
  • Saleen rear tire carrier and rear bumper
  • ‘Big Oly’ inspired winning livery with Olympia insignia and Baja Blue accent.

The composite fenders look great. The light bars add proper off-road cred, and the skid plate is interesting. Still, I’m more curious about performance upgrades for this thing. I have to assume Saleen would aim to top the 400-horsepower put forth by the Bronco Raptor. And that’s certainly possible. But I’ll wait to dole out dust-covered thumbs up until we see and hear one of these things in the composite flesh.

It does look cool though, I can give them that…

Saleen Ford Bronco Big Oly

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One response to “Saleen says its cooking up a modified Bronco wearing Big Oly styling”

  1. Mike Malsed Avatar
    Mike Malsed

    Shoulda used Rainier as their branding! BEST COMMERCIALS EVER – whoever their ad company was, back in the 70s-80s, they were taking some GOOD STUFF, maynard! LOL

    Good looking truck – and that’s coming from a Gladiator owner.