Royal Enfield focuses on Flat Track with its Build Train Race program

Royal Enfield wants to go racing. And it’s going to get dirty doing it. Because Royal Enfield is heading to the loose-surface world of Flat Track. A new program called Build Train Race will bring four wonderful women along for the journey. This is a four-phase program that starts with bikes being designed and built. Then the riders will train to sharpen their Flat Track skills. Finally, they will race against each other at an exhibition event held in Atlanta. After all that is done, fans get to vote for their favorite builds.

Let’s meet the participants and get a look at their bikes.

Jillian Deschenes

Melissa Paris

Andrea Lothrop

Lana MacNaughton

What’s next?

The bikes have been built. Next up it’s time for all the training ahead of the race. The women will meet up at Dixie Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia, and battle it out with their custom Royal Enfield Mark III Int 650 Twins. This will go down as an exhibition race during the American Flat Track racing that’s also happening during that race weekend. When the dust and dirt settles, the viewers and fans get to vote for the Build Train Race winner.

All four bikes look great. All four riders have different backgrounds, but they all clearly love spending their time on two wheels. It will be great to see them all racing this rides on a track in the near future. So stay tuned for that.

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7 responses to “Royal Enfield focuses on Flat Track with its Build Train Race program”

  1. Dabidoh_Sambone Avatar

    Flat track racing is out of my wheelhouse but I do dig me some motorcycles, the more classic the more better. As proof of that there’s a ’67 Honda CA77 parked in my garage next to a two stroke Kawasaki AR80. Funny thing, now I’ll be cross shopping a Royal Enfield 650 along with a nice minty used Kawasaki W650 I’ve had my eye on. I watched all four videos and found myself most impressed with Andrea Lothrop and her dedication to her bike & coffee shop. Next time I’m in Toronto I’m definitely headed there. Also am a BIG fan of that mega-glittery bass boat vinyl upholstery she chose, that choice took more cajones than any testosterone fueled ape could muster.

  2. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    I really dig the paint job on the number 23 bike.

  3. Lokki Avatar

    I used to have a Yamaha 650 Twin Cafe Racer when I lived in Japan, so I have a thing for the torque of vertical twins. I think this Royal Enfield would be a lot of fun if you live near some twisty roads but don’t want to go full-leather-suit to enjoy them.

    I also have a sort of peek-between-your-fingers fascination for dirt track racing. No front brake and a lead shoe to drag on your left foot. It’s not really much like ice racing where you have zero traction without spiked tires; it’s more like racing on a bar of wet gooey bath soap where there’s sorta some traction sometimes but it varies.

    I have total respect for these women and would love to see them race. It’s the kinda thing that goes in my “It should be a good time if we don’t die” file. I salute them!

    I first learned about Dirt Track racing in the mid 1970’s after seeing film of Kenny Robert famous ride at the Indy Mile on the evil and infamous Yamaha TZ750 two-stroke.

  4. 0A5599 Avatar

    It’s a concept that should bring a crop of women riders into the fold, and position the bike with the “budget individuality” vibe Scion had a dozen years ago, but the marketing team seems to have fumbled horribly with the execution.

    The website’s countdown timer to the first race is at zero, but no race schedule or results. Just a link to the landing page for NBC sports. Nothing on the “train” activities, either. And the website repeats itself on all the information (although it is missing a lot of details on the Brazilian).

    The build videos are very nicely shot and edited, but they only have about 400 views each. Compare to this RE video, with more than 40 million views.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      40 MM views?! Holy shit

      1. 0A5599 Avatar

        The ad is California-themed, but is from the Indian parent company. Don’t forget that for a very large percentage of the very large Indian population, Motorcycles are not purchased as a lifestyle product, but as an alternative to walking, and Royal Enfield s the global leader in motorcycle sales, producing more than 800,000 units per year. So it isn’t quite the same audience as a Harley or Yamaha ad in North America.

  5. Manxman Avatar

    I love flat track racing. I finally made it to the Springfield Mile two summers ago with some buddies of mine. It was a fun weekend, even though the main event got rained out. What was cool was the amatuer TT racing in the back track the day before. Very grass roots, no huge transporters. It could have been 1960 all over again. I applaude Royal Enfield and the women who will, in time, race these machines.