Ride along at Goodwood in a 1977 BMW 530i

Nick Padmore knows how to drive in anger. He holds the unofficial record for the fastest lap ever recorded at Goodwood. We have to say unofficial, because most consider the last official fastest lap to have taken place back in 1965. Modern lap times that are set are called Revival Records.
The original fastest lap time was set by both Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart. The time? A blistering 1:20.4.
In 2015, Padmore hopped behind the wheel of a Lola T70 and recorded a time of 1:18.2. You can watch that run here if you like. And you should, because it’s magnificent. But if you’re curious how Professor Padmore might fair in something a bit slower, we have the video for you.
Running during the 75th Member’s Meeting, you can see Padmore do battle from behind the wheel of a 1977 BMW 530i. The car sounds amazing and the driving is equally thrilling. Nick clearly knows the track, and he works his way through a fair portion of the traffic laid out in front of him.

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4 responses to “Ride along at Goodwood in a 1977 BMW 530i”

    1. Rover 1 Avatar
      Rover 1

      Just Wow.

    2. outback_ute Avatar

      The engines would probably be getting near double the power compared with 1966, brakes would be significantly improved as would tires even if they have to run the same construction and size (in theory at least). I understand that touring cars are a bit more liberal in their rules for Goodwood.

  1. WinstonSmith84 Avatar

    Was it just me, or did he get owned by some guy in a 2nd generation Camaro, which was really just a heavier Nova? I remember going to Zandvoort in 1984 and seeing a Camaro leading all the Porsche 934s and RSRs, so maybe he didn’t have a change in a period German car.