Restoring the paint on my 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280

Strap in because this one is a long one… I’ve come to the good people at Meguiar’s to see if they could help me breathe some life back into my old Benz. It’s faded, oxidized, and fairly jacked up in general. Can it be helped? Yes, of course it can. And the results are amazing.
The blue is deeper and more rich. There’s an actual reflection you can see in the body panels. It feels like a different car when you stare at it. Now, the paint still isn’t perfect but that’s to be expected. There are a few dents, plenty of scratches, and a bit of lame attempted bodywork by a previous owner. I won’t plan on fixing all of that, but the final result here as my itching to take this paint even further. Some paint-less dent repair and addressing some of the larger scratches will happen down the road.
Also, sorry for the out-of-focus bits… we were having trouble with the lens initially, but it was sorted out later in the video.

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