Regular Car Reviews examines a parking lot

It’s a simple video. In it, Mr. Regular of RCR walks through a hotel parking lot and talks about the cars he sees therein. Despite its simplicity, it captures the essence of what I imagine a group of us would be saying if we walked through the same lot together and chatted about the cars.
Also, the green Beetle appears to be in excellent shape.
This one is a quick watch to help get you over the Wednesday hump.

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2 responses to “Regular Car Reviews examines a parking lot”

  1. nanoop Avatar

    This helped over the hump indeed.
    I really like when RCR do something slim like this (car shows, which x is best x), or fling out their English/history/culture knowledge. All time favorite: PT Cruiser vs. postmodernism.

    1. anonymic Avatar

      Mine too. Epic.