Random F1 parts could make for great home or office additions

In my next place, I want to have a room that serves as my office/video game-a-torium. Our current condo is a bit too small to deliver such a space. So when I do get that space, I want to decorate it the room to suit my own tastes. This will include hanging my framed Senna movie poster (signed by the director), a piece of art I need framed that is signed by Syd Mead, and then a ton of odds and ends I’ve acquired over the years from various trips. Oh, and a handful of diecast and scale cars, of course. I’d also like to add some art from the motorsport world. And if F1 is your thing, I’ve found a few good ones….

On the F1 page, you can find everything from signed gear to actual car partsThere’s a site called GPBox, which carries a ton of different motorsport-focused items. . The prices range from “oh, that’s actually not that bad” to “holy hell… no thank you”.

Some of my favorites

This one is marked as sold, but it’s still cool to share. I’m a sucker for anything wearing the John Player Special colors. This part is reportedly a piece of the wing used on a Nigel Mansell-driven Lotus T95.

These wheel nuts reportedly come off of some of Lewis Hamilton’s F1 race cars. They’re not cheap, as far as wheel nuts go, but a bargain compared to some of the stuff found elsewhere in this section of the website.

The realm of affordability makes a bit more sense here. You can find your favorite track and have a wood cutout version to hang on your wall. I actually have one of these I received as a gift, which is shaped like Lime Rock Park. You can get the whole mini series of F1 circuits for under $50. Or you can buy the larger series with etched or cut-out names for a bit over $100.

There’s a ton of other stuff over at GPBox, so head over and take a look. If you find more cool stuff, share it in the comments!

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3 responses to “Random F1 parts could make for great home or office additions”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    My latest thing is from the debut of the new S5000 open-wheelers, at Sandown in September last year. They don’t do programs for the meetings any more but were handing out copies of Auto Action (weekly newspaper/magazine) so I was able to get Rubens Barrichello and most of the other drivers to sign the front cover. Rubens did seem as nice as what I’d hoped too.


    1. caltemus Avatar

      Such a shame after the early versions of the F5000 with the tall airbox. They just look like low rent indycars now

      1. outback_ute Avatar

        Yes not sure why that changed apart from function over form. At least they kept the big difference between front and rear tyre sizes