Random Cool – A Renualt Clio V6 Sport

We love Cars and Coffee…you know this because you hear us mention it once a week. I wanted to give you further proof as to why it’s the greatest get-together on the planet. Before the storms came out to try and force California into the sea, our friend SVT2888 (aka Leo of CnCPics.com) captured this non-plate wearing Renault Clio V6 Sport taking in the Irvine scenery. Some stats on the car and a two more photos after the jump The Renault Clio V6 Sport is truly a hot hatch that was launched in 2001, as an extension of the existing Clio lineup. The Clio V6 Sport takes a 3.0L 227 hp V6 engine, shoves it into the middle of an economical hatchback – and Zut Alor, it transforms into a two-passenger monster that haunts the dreams of the GTI. How cool is the Clio V6 Sport? Mr. Hooniverse personified, Jeremy Clarkson, says he would pop one into his fantasy garage if he was limited to 10 cars. What is this French-fried facet of freaky fun doing in the US? I have no clue…but I do know I have a sudden desire to hug a GTI and tell it everything is going to be ok.
Au revoir you fat-assed beautiful beast
For more excellent photographs of all Cars and Coffee (Irvine) events visit CNCPics.com

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