race car photographed between barrier

Racing between the lines

Jayson Fong is one talented photographer. The above snap is proof of that and it’s one that has captured my attention while scrolling through my Instagram feed. It makes me want to get back to a track. Both to watch pros and to get my ham-fisted mitts wrapped around the steering wheel of our LeMons car. For now, I can only enjoy motorsport through still images like Jayon’s amazing shot or all the various videos on this here Internet.

You should follow Jayon for more great imagery. Maybe even send some support his way by purchasing a print through his website. Your garage will thank you when you hang up some art amongst the tools.

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8 responses to “Racing between the lines”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Is that Lotus 24 being driven by an Angry Bird?

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      I think that one’s named Talbot Berlin.

  2. Lokki Avatar

    If I am correct that is Jim Clark in the 1962 Lotus 25… possibly at Monaco. Look how damn close he is to touching the guard rail. That’s insane, particularly noting the construction of the cars in those days. Below is a picture of Clark in a 25 with skin removed, talking with Colin Chapman, whose motto was “Add lightness” and whose method of applying that motto was to make every single piece as light as it was possible to manufacture, and then only strengthen those pieces that broke…which turned out to be a lot of them. The entire car, dry, weighed 990 lbs, 290 of which was the engine.

    Brave Drivers required.

    Note the (complete and total lack of) driver protection, and also note that the driver sits between the gas tanks. Also, extra points if you can see the roll bar hidden by his head.


    1. Batshitbox Avatar

      You may be right about it being a Lotus 25; 24 was my best guess. I was lucky I recognized the Lotus colors or I’d have no idea what to look for.

      I think it’s a recent photograph from a classics race, but there’s not much on the Instagram post, other than “Monaco” and “View from inside the apex”. That supports your Monaco idea, but Jim Clark’s been dead since 1968, and I don’t think he had a helmet like that one.

      I can’t find pictures old or new of a Lotus 24 or 25 running as #9, but that was John Surtees’ number on a Lotus 18 for the 1960 British GP. Maybe this 24-or-25 is wearing Surtees’ number for another reason.

      1. Lokki Avatar

        Ah! I didn’t notice the helmet ! I stopped at the Talbot which MDHarrell identified.

        If he’s not Jim Clark then he is too damn close to that barrier. I kind of wondered about the barrier too since I don’t think they had those in Clark’s day either, it I dismissed that as ignorance on my part.

        Well, I was ignorant for sure…

        I really loved the depth of knowledge here…

        1. Lokki Avatar

          Uh, can we ask for an edit function on the new comment system too?

          ‘It’ + thumb + Siri = ‘but’ and loved should be love and I am not shrugging off blame here but I am far too lazy to have typed an extra letter ‘d’ if I didn’t have to ….

          Oh, and I identified the car as being Clark’s by the number 9 … which led me down a fascinating rabbit hole.

    2. OA5599 Avatar

      Close. You got the correct car and the correct location. But it’s running as car #9 at the 2018 Monaco Historique, driven by Andy Middlehurst.



  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    Biggest possible contrast with a Last Call-ish comment, but this was too awesome not to share: If you’re as much a fan of woodworking as of V8’s, this is it: