Question of the Weekend: Would you buy a 4 (or more) passenger Convertible?

Summer is here once again and with that the call of the Convertible beckons. I remember my first car was a 1966 Corvair Monza Convertible, with room enough for me and three of my friends, cruising with the top down on warm summer nights. However, it seems that affordable 4 seat convertibles are slowly disappearing from the North American market, and that is quite puzzling. Read more after the jump… The roomy four passenger convertible offered here in the states are made up of either state of the art, and very pricey models such as the BMW 3 Series, or the VW Eos (I consider a starting price of around $30,000 pricey!), or models that have been in production for a few years that are starting to look old, like the Chrysler Sebring, or the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder. Recent models have been discontinued that were questionable (The PT Cruiser Convertible), a bit boring (The Toyota Solara), and somewhat innovative (The Pontiac G6 Convertible), with no replacements on the horizon. European Convertibles are numerous, though they tend to be at the upper end of the market. BMW offers a bevy of models based on their 1 series, 3 series, and 6 series. There is at least one offering from Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Maserati, Saab, Volvo, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin that is available here. The Japanese makers don’t offer that many, with 2 offerings from Lexus, and one from Infiniti. The Koreans are out of the running. So the question of this first summer weekend of 2010 is this: Would you purchase (or even consider) a 4 passenger convertible if one was offered in your price range? Log your comments now.

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