"Proving Grounds" is a new car show with actual, good hosts

It’s not a build show. It’s not a portal to manufactured drama. It’s three lovers of cars getting together to wring the necks of a whole range of machinery. Automotive journalist Sam Smith saddles up to the track alongside race car drivers Parker Kligerman and Leh Keen. The show is called Proving Grounds, and it looks like it could be a good bit of fun.
Yes, the format of “Three men bullshit about cars while doing sideways driving” is tried and true. No, I don’t understand what the 1980’s text, music, and graphics have to do with the show (per the team, it’s where the show’s inspiration is derived; think countless hours spent watching Airwolf and American Gladiators). Regardless, I do know that these three folks are genuine enthusiasts, who also happen to be funny, witty people. All three of them can drive rather well on top of that.
So couple that with some slick footage and we have the potential for an entertaining 30 minutes of automotive television. You be the judge on October 21st. The show premieres that day at 7:30pm EST, right after a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race on NBC Sports.

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