Porsche Motorkhana

Friend of Hooniverse, and soon-to-be Honorary Australian Editor, Mark Goddard is at it again with his camera and friends who drive Porsches. All the hoons down in hoonsville got together for a Porsche Motorkhana. I don’t know what that means but it looks awesome.
Hop the jump for some excellent photos and his description of the recent Porsche Club event torn from the Land of Natalie Imbruglia. (Now that is a sweet reference my friends).

Front-engined, mid-engined, rear-engined Australian Porsche hooning on the skidpan.
Recently the Porsche Club of New South Wales, down here in Australia, held another of their regular motorkhanas on the skidpan at Eastern Creek racetrack in Sydney. These events are always popular with members because you can ‘run what ya brung.’ No need for helmets or any of the other usual racing requirements. For the benefit of the photographer (not really) the surface is wet in the afternoon – with water from the circuit’s recycling system – to add another dimension to the day’s fun and games. Different layouts are used during the day, and as a familiarisation exercise the drivers walk the tracks before the driving commences. Whether this works or not is questionable, there are still a number of Wrong Direction fails throughout the day. The lone four door sedan in the pictures is a Ford Falcon GT, one of the local Aussie hoons’ preferred weapons of choice. Can’t beat a V8, mate! And yes, he is a Porsche Club member, we’re not in the slightest way elitist down here. All hoons are welcome.

Here is how I would’ve described it, and no I am not drunk (maybe drunk with love…and beer):

I thought I saw a car brought to life
It was warm it came around like it was dignified
It showed me what it was to drive
Well you couldn’t hoon that Porsche I adored
you don’t seem to know – or seem to care what your clutch foot is for
I don’t drive it anymore
There’s nothing where I used to drive
My tank of gas has run dry
that’s what’s goin’ on
nothing’s fine
I’m torn
I’m all out of gas, this is how I feel
I’m cold and I am shamed
lying naked in my Porsche
Hoonin’ never changed
It’s something I feel
I’m wide awake and I can see this Porsche car is torn

Ok, I guess his description makes more sense. Enjoy the photos:

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