Podcast: Episode 284 – Advanced Fuel Dynamics [SEMA 2018]

Wrapping up our SEMA 2018 interviews, Chris Hayes sits down with Gray Fredrick of Advanced Fuel Dynamics.  AFD are responsible for some of the most innovative Flex fuel sensors and tuning solutions on the market.

Based out of Temple, Texas, AFD is nestled square in the middle of the Texan tuner community and works tirelessly helping race teams and aftermarket manufacturers cope with the widely varying quality of E85 fuels and conventional gasoline.

Listen in by clicking play above.
We’re closing in on Episode 300. Like 200 before it, we’ll plan on doing a live show somehow somewhere. For Episode 200, we recorded live at a local brewery and that’s likely to happen again. If you’re in Southern California sometime in the not-too-distant future, make sure to stay tuned for info on our Episode 300 party.
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