Podcast: Episode 266 – Let's stroll down Youtube comment memory lane

There’s no news this week. It’s time, instead, to dive into the past three months of comments on YouTube. This means we’re going to find confusing messages. We’ll find hateful messages. We will find the sort of stuff that people typically wouldn’t have the guts to see to another person face to face. And we will laugh, and we will enjoy it all.

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3 responses to “Podcast: Episode 266 – Let's stroll down Youtube comment memory lane”

  1. Fred Avatar

    If I ever make a stupid comment, and yea I know I have, you can make fun of me and it won’t hurt my feelings, too much. Would like a chance to defend myself tho.

  2. spike_africa Avatar

    As someone who owns a 17 VW Passat, it is boring when it’s stock. But because of the aftermarket VW has, there are loads of things you can do to make it more fun and your own. I lowered ours with H&R OE springs for a mild 1″ drop and slightly stiffer ride. Tuned it, tinted the windows, and added sticky tires and 19″ RS6 wheels. Looks great, rides good enough for the baby to fall asleep in, has ok power now, and I’m not bored when the roads get fun. All while being nice looking, easy for the wife to drive (her daily ride) and getting great mpg (we have the 1.8Tsi motor). Overall for the money it was hard to beat compared to the other cars in it’s segment and the massive trunk And rear seat room kick ass if you are tall like me and have a little one.
    Sorry for ranting. I wanted to hate the car, but after a year with it my wife was right, and it was a great choice.

  3. moto x3m Avatar

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