Podcast: Episode 11 – Blake's in charge!

Podcast Image Lead Episode 11

It’s time for Blake Z. Rong to shine!

He’s in the lead spot for Episode 11 of the Hooniverse Podcast, and I’m nowhere to be found. Joining Blake is the ever-present Zack Klapman. Joining Zack and Blake is special guest Corbin Goodwin, who is the man behind the Zero F**ks Given Mazda RX-7. It’s essentially a modern-day version of the rat rod, and it’s proof that younger people DO care about cars and driving.

Hop past the break to snag the newest episode of the podcast…

Head to ShoutEngine to download the podcast: Episode 11

(You can access both the direct link to the MP3 and the iTunes version from the above link. If you go to iTunes, please remember to rate the podcast and leave a review. By doing so you’re helping us infect the normals rise through the ranks and spread the Hooniverse gospel to a larger audience.)

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