Playing virtual photographer with the Forza Horizon 4 photo mode

Forza Horizon 4 has landed and it arrives in the UK jam packed with a lot of road to explore and plenty of cars to do that with. If you get a bit bored though, just tap a button and enter Photo Mode. It’s there where you can let your creativity thrive, if you’re the sort who likes stuffing his or her face behind a camera. While reviewing the game over the course of the last week, I found myself doing just that and here are a few images I’ve captured.

Ripping the Audi Quattro S1 rally car around a snowy UK is a blast. The exhaust ripples across the landscape and the car has grip for eons. Also, it might have the best brakes of any car I’ve driven in the game so far outside of the McLaren Senna. That hypercar has the help of a massive airbrake though, to be fair.

The first car I could call my own is a blacked-out Dodge Charger. Mostly I’ve been using it to teach the locals in Defenders how to do burnouts. While taking a break from that fun, I captured the Charger running back roads under the cover of night.

You can perform all sorts of ridiculous engine swaps in the game. But this vehicle here is already fitted with 6.2-liters of supercharged insanity. This is the Jeep TrailCat concept Wrangler. Yes, there’s a 707-horsepower monster mill under the hood. And yes, it sounds awesome when it’s bouncing off the rev limiter from 20 feet in there.

Another Mopar muscle machine that does a great job in Horizon 4 is the Ram PowerWagon 2500. As you can see, it’s arrived in the UK with enough lighting to confound all of the electrical engineers at Lucas. It also looks great against the falling snow.
Forza Horizon 4 has been fun to play with so far. While the driving action is what you expect to find in such a title, it’s in the photo mode that’s been my surprise favorite place to tinker. You can adjust exposure, focus, brightness, depth of field, shutter speed, and more.
Now I just need to move on to the next season and get some photos without snow in the background.

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