Pirelli brings back a classic in the Stella Bianca

If you have a vintage ride, you often have few options with respect to the tires. There are companies out there, certainly, but finding original examples of the tires once fitted to your car may prove a fruitless endeavor. Pirelli has an answer for a number of vintage car owners, however, as it’s brought back one of its classic tires; the Stella Bianca.
Originally introduced in 1927, the Stella Bianca was Pirelli’s first modern tire. It remained in service to the brand all the way through the early 1950’s. Now Pirelli has brought it back but with modern compounds employed for proper driving dynamics in all weather conditions.
The tread pattern is identical to the original. It was researched through Pirelli archives and recreated along with the sidewall markings. In its heyday, the Stella Bianca was fitted to Alfa Romeos, Fiats, Lancias, Ferraris, and more. Now it’s back and it would surely look great on any vehicle from the era in which it was originally devised.

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2 responses to “Pirelli brings back a classic in the Stella Bianca”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    I’m quite happy with Pirelli’s reissue of their Cinturato CA67, which has noticeably improved the ride of my Austin Allegro and seems to be working just fine on my Volvo 66 GL. My advice to anyone looking for an appropriate Allegro or 66 GL tire is to give it strong consideration. I may also get a set for my SAAB 96.

    1. Manxman Avatar

      The CA67 is as good as it gets for classic 60s tire.