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Peter Cunningham has the best Honda/Acura collection

Peter Cunningham is the man behind RealTime Racing. This is a crew that has driven many a Honda or Acura race car to the title spot in a wide range of racing series. Cunningham himself did a lot of the driving. He racked up 43 Pirelli World Challenge wins. There’s at least 14 series Championship trophies with Peter’s name etched at the base as well. His love for the brand is clear based on what he and his team have done on the race track. But a peek inside his private car collection shows just how deep this love affair with Honda and Acura truly runs.

Honda sent a film crew to Cunningham’s collection, which is located in Wisconsin. Peter originally planned to buy cars that were connected to his racing efforts. A CRX was the first car in the collection. It was followed up by a fourth-generation Honda Prelude. Soon though, a first-generation Accord was made available and, despite not racing one, Cunningham knew he needed it for this museum regardless.

What’s inside?

Honda has its own museum collections. One is located in Motegi, Japan and the other is a more secretive space in Torrance, California. This collection, however, is fascinating since it’s been privately curated by a person instead of the actual automaker.

The best bit? It has to be the GMC Apache paired with a Cub motorcycle and replica storefront. When Honda first landed in America, it had a small storefront in California. The GMC Apache was used to shuttle demo bikes to customers and dealers. Cunningham found a truck used for this purpose. He popped the appropriate bike in the back. And the he went a step further by replicating the actual storefront from the early 1960s.

There are many other vehicles in there and this collection likely has something that would appeal to everyone. And it’s all from the same family of cars.

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3 responses to “Peter Cunningham has the best Honda/Acura collection”

  1. crank_case Avatar

    NSX, Integra, whatevs…ooh an Acty pickup. 😉

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    Definitely an impressive collection and setup

  3. salguod Avatar

    The Realtime Collection is fantastic. They just got a JDM Integra with 4WD.

    Honda also has a museum here in Central Ohio, the Honda Heritage Center.


    Worth a visit if you are ever in the area. I got to visit with a friend who is an engineer there (he worked on the Talon) and Michael Karesh of who was driving his 1988 CRX Si Straman convertible.