Paint stripper gets to work attacking the old finish on the Porsche 911

Larry Kosilla is documenting the revival of his beloved 964. His Porsche 911 is undergoing a serious restoration, and there are cameras pointed at it for each step. The old roof was cut out and replaced, the rust in the cowl addressed, and now the paint work is being addressed.
To remove the black paint currently on the car, the team working on it covers exterior bits with aircraft paint stripper. After just 15 minutes or so of sitting on a painted surface, the goop is aggressive enough that it starts causing the paint to rip, pop, and pull away from the metal surface. It’s fascinating to watch it work its chemical magic.
For Larry, it’s clearly hard to watch his car undergo such a step but it’s a necessary one. As paint is being removed, the skilled person working on it can tell how many times the rear fender has been repainted. Much more of his skill is shown, however, when working on the hood.
Every minute little blemish is dealt with so that this hood should be perfect for years to come. Even the creases that start to develop from years of the hood being closed with a press of the Porsche badge are being addressed. It’s impressive effort on all involved, and we can’t wait to see it all come together in the end.

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One response to “Paint stripper gets to work attacking the old finish on the Porsche 911”

  1. wunno sev Avatar
    wunno sev

    i never liked Kosilla’s videos much in the past, but somehow he’s earnest and informative here in a way that i don’t recall, perhaps because he’s describing a process that can’t be undertake with the products he sells. i really like this series – bodywork is mesmerizing to watch, and Larry K is doing a good job narrating and presenting.