Out with the old: Bidding farewell to the Aston Martin Vanquish S

It’s old technology. An old chassis, wrapped around an old dinosaur of an engine, and coddled with outdated gadgets. I’m talking about the Aston Martin Vanquish, and it’s time to say good-bye to this fantastic machine.
That old engine I mentioned is a nearly 6.0-liter V12. Here it’s making 580 horsepower. Perhaps more importantly, it’s making tremendous noise and it’s not having its pipes chopped down thanks to any added induction. This is a naturally aspirated mill, and it’s might is apparent when it’s allowed to bark.
Aston Martin are moving into their Second Century Plan. That’s being realized by the DB11 (both V12 and V8), the new Vantage, and a few more models still to come. While those will all likely be emotionally gratifying machines, none of them will wail and howl like this Vanquish.
It’s an aged monster, and it’s fading into the darkness not with a whimper but with a guttural roar.

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3 responses to “Out with the old: Bidding farewell to the Aston Martin Vanquish S”

  1. robbydegraff Avatar

    beautiful tribute, nice Jeff

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    Nice piece on a beautiful car. Damn, that sound! Good work, well presented.

  3. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    One of the last of the V12s?
    Any V12s?