Our hearts and minds are with Justin Wilson and his family

justin wilson
IndyCar racer Justin Wilson had a serious on-track accident last night, and the driver remains in a coma this morning. Driver Sage Karam entered a high-speed section of the track and saw the rear of his car break loose. He wound up in the wall nose first, which sent his car and many pieces of it all across the racing surface. Wilson came up on the debris as the nosecone of Karam’s car bounced up and hit Justin in the head.
Wilson was seemingly immediately knocked out, and his car went down into the inside wall. He was unresponsive at the scene, and was airlifted to a local medical facility. There’s been no news of his condition since.
Anytime a racing driver is injured, we cry out a little on the inside. When you’ve met them personally it makes it that much harder to watch the incident and wait for any bit of hopeful news to make its way through. Justin came on the podcast over a year ago. During the recording he was funny, friendly, open, honest, and an all around delight to have as a guest.
I hope we get to have him on the podcast again, not just because he’s a great race car driver, but because it will simply mean he’s there…

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  1. engineerd Avatar

    When I heard about Justin Wilson’s incident this morning I said a little prayer for him, his family, and his team. I hope and pray he can make a Massa-esque return to the sport he loves.

  2. The Rusty Hub Avatar
    The Rusty Hub

    I’m not a praying man, but I’m hoping against hope that Justin makes a recovery.
    Also, Tony Stewart is a class act off the track. Good story.

    1. The Rusty Hub Avatar
      The Rusty Hub

      Yeah, that’s what everyone feared. RIP.

  3. neight428 Avatar

    Heard the sad news last night. Godspeed Justin.