OnStar, How May I Help You?

“This is OnStar Emergency, have you just been in an accident?” “Yes, I am a vehicle porter for a GM plant and I just crashed this minty-fresh Malibu. I was loading it onto a freight train and I decided to ram the train going 35 mph… what should I do?” “Blame it on Toyota?” Updated! I was just emailed some carnage-laden photos of a fresh-off-the-line Chevrolet Malibu. It seems an overzealous lot porter experienced some inexperienced acceleration straight into a freight train. Let the caption action begin! Update from the source’s source: (this is still a rumor at this point) Official story is that it was being delivered to the train and the employee dropped the manifest in the floor and was picking it up, then hit the train in an unlit area. Truth is that the employee was actually taking it to the QwikTrip and was texting, got to an unlit crossing but red lights were flashing and hit a flat bed train car that was stopped. The train started backing up and spun him out from underneath Thanks to MissMotorMouth for the heads-up on this one! Head to her site for a bit more info http://missmotormouth.com/2010/02/what-happens-when-malibu-meets-train/

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