Once on a trailer, now on the road: This '57 Chevy wagon has been saved

In December of 2013, our old friend Jim Brennan wrote a Weekend Edition post highlighting a unique wagon for sale. The car was a bright yellow 1957 Chevrolet Wagon. In the ad, the car looks rough. It’s sitting on a trailer and it’s still-bright paint might be shining but the rest of the car is clearly in need of attention. 
The ad goes on to state that the car is fitted with a running 350, floor shifter, and a clear title. Located in California, it was registered as a Non-Op project car. With a sub-$5,000 asking price, there was a chance it would get scooped up and find a new loving owner.
Guess what? That’s exactly what happened and the new owner reached out to give us an update.

The wagon as the new owner found it after responding to the ad

We’ll let the owner take it from here:
So to give some back story on the wagon, I saw the ad that Hooniverse shared but didn’t bother to check it out. Fast forward a year or two and I see a wagon for sale not realizing it was the same wagon in the story. I went to look at it and it was in worse shape than the seller let on.
A deal was made and I had the wagon towed from Sacramento to Carson City. I went through the front end rebuilding all the ball joints, bushings, tie rods etc. I did a disc brake conversion and added power steering, tilt column. I replaced the rear springs with new ones and new bushings as well.

There was some rust in the floors and I stole an idea from a VW I saw at the Bug-O-Rama in Sacramento. I covered the floor with sound deadener and then license plates.

It had no headliner so since I had a vision of doing a surf/ Tiki theme with the wagon I put bamboo in place of the headliner.

I had the seats done to match the door panels. At one time this car was loved. I found the paint under the side mirror to be a metal flake yellow that was still shiny. 

I installed a LoKar shifter, topped off with a wooden tiki head that I found in an antique store. I replaced all the broken glass, and added a roof rack that I got from a friend. The rack was used in the 50’s for a shuttle service here in Nevada. New wheels and tires and the car has finally made it out of the garage after two and a half years.

So there you have it. This is a great update on a cool, unique, old wagon. Thank you Joe for reaching out! We love hearing stories like this. And thank you for keeping this one running and on the road.

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One response to “Once on a trailer, now on the road: This '57 Chevy wagon has been saved”

  1. outback_ute Avatar

    Thanks for sharing the story, looks like you are enjoying your hard work now. I like the bamboo headliner