Ohhhhh…. Baracuda

For the past few Saturdays I have been taking my rescue dog (Beans) to a local outdoor class. The goal is not for him to learn obedience or tricks, but to make him feel more comfortable around new people and in different places. The class lasts for an hour and it is typically my wife or myself who take our dog there. This week we went together and I am quite happy that we decided to do so. Parked across the street from the lot where we take Beans was this wonderful example of some Mopar Muscle. I gave my wife “the pretty-please” face and asked her to hold the leash… As I was walking over to the vehicle, the owner showed up and was looking under the hood. I introduced myself and we started to chat about his vehicle. It is a 1968 and features a 340 under the hood. This is tied to a four-speed trans. Along with the rear gearing, the whole setup screams along around 4,000 revs at 70 mph on the highway. Having driven it down from SLO recently, the owner said it sounds like being inside a fire-truck…. The owner also stated that the car is a daily driver. The car has obvious flaws, but here in the Hooniverse those flaws are what makes a car like this shine. The paint is acceptable, the body is straight and the interior only had a few tears. The second generation Barracuda is when this model really started to shine. Sure, the third generation generates all the buzz but the cars built from 67-69 laid the groundwork for the beasts to come the following years. This Barracuda also features a Formula S rear tail treatment.  I don’t think the car was an actual Formula S version but the owner stated he has seen just the tail piece sell for $1,5o0 in good shape. Overall, this car is an excellent daily driver and I am jealous it is not sitting in my own driveway.

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