Nurburgring infographic is your pint-sized primer to the Green Hell

Our buzzy British car loving friends at are quite smitten with infographics. We’re fans of them too, provided the subject matter is something we’re fond of. Case in point, this simple-yet-informative piece whipped up to display some quick stats on a certain German icon that snakes its way through many miles of dark wood. We’re talking, of course, about the Nürburgring. crammed a bunch of fast information into a small space, and the image above would make a handy in-the-wallet keepsake for those planning a trip to tangle with the likes of Sabine Schmitz. Study it. Then post your favorite ‘Ring image or video in the comments. (I expect every single comment to be the Ruf CTR Yellowbird, by the way) [Source:]

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