Nissan Z Nismo – Is it enough?

The Nissan Z Nismo is a 420-hp sports car with great upgrades for the track. But is it worthy of your money? Because Nissan is asking for a LOT of it…

[Disclaimer: Nissan tossed us the keys to this Z Nismo and included a full tank of fuel.]

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3 responses to “Nissan Z Nismo – Is it enough?”

  1. George G Avatar
    George G

    Thanks for the honest review Jeff. I have yet to see this generation Z anywhere in real life, regardless of spec. Not. One.

    1. Matt C. Avatar
      Matt C.

      Completely agree. I live in Central Maryland between Baltimore and D.C. and have yet to spot any flavor of this car in the wild.

      It is a shame because I think Nissan did a lot with relatively little to update the car.

  2. Quick Draw Avatar

    It may not be as exciting to hammer as the Toyota Supra, but the Z still offers driving thrills, and we’re thankful to have it back in the sports-car segment.