New Shirt! This one is pretty well known…

BlipShift has its autumn sale going on right now, and they are selling far more than just t-shirts these days. You can get some neon wall art, watch bands, socks, and even a pair of coveralls. But we’re sticking with the shirts at the moment because we’ve got a new design for sale in our partner store. And this one will be the first of more like it, as we take some classic liveries and apply the Hooniverse logo/name on top. First up? This one here… which should be fairly well known.

You can head to or directly jump to our partner store to find this one for sale. And we still have a few other options as well as stickers available for purchase too. Be warned that once you go to BlipShift, you usually don’t buy just one thing. I now have a few pairs of socks and some t-shirts heading my way.

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4 responses to “New Shirt! This one is pretty well known…”

  1. mdharrell Avatar

    Outstanding! It’s Speedchimp Racing’s Porsche 914 livery!

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      Photo-bombed by a certain yellow three-wheeler too I see

      1. mdharrell Avatar

        Guilty. That photo was taken at The Ridge near Shelton, Washington, in 2015 when I drove the Freeway (but not the freeway) there from Seattle to race in my former MG Metro 1300.

  2. nanoop Avatar

    Finally, the timing is right! Multiple choice from blipshift and a Hoonishirt I want in stock!
    I’lll pay tax (which I am fine with) and USD20 handling fees to the postal service here, so I might as well order more shirts and spread the fee – the more I buy the cheaper it gets, right?

    Only downer is the lead time, it will ship in like three weeks, so I should not expect it before Christmas…