New Jersey Police force GT Dream Cars to pump the brakes

A former horse farm in the New Jersey township of Delaware was set to be the stage for some acts of hoonery in various exotic machines. The property was purchased by a company called GT Dream Cars, which bills itself as the “largest, most experienced, affordable super-car driving experience in the world.” Apparently, their dream team didn’t pay attention to the local zoning laws when they decided to pave over the old horse trail, and turn the property into a private race track. A cease-and-desist letter was served soon after, and the various eight, ten, and twelve cylinder motors were given a break.

The local news paints a rather smug picture of the operation by way of Renée Kiriluk-Hill of the Hunterdon Democrat. The writer has a curious appetite for quotation marks that make it seem she’s rather happy to have this operation shut down. Also, it seems New Jersey is overpaying for its exotics per her math. Though, if the town is quite small, we’re sure the long list of GT Dream Cars clients would provide an unending source of frustration for local residents. After all, in just two years of operation, GTDC has managed to provide driving experiences for over 17,000 happy customers.

Wait… what?

According to its website, GTDC launched in 2010 as the “first super car driving experience in the North-East”, and has “since set the pace with over 17,000 clients for what all driving experience might someday become.” I think Gotham Dream Cars would like a word with the GT Dream Cars dream team.

Regardless, we’re a bit torn on this one. GTDC runs other experiences at the Englishtown Raceway, but it’s always nice to expand into a private facility. We’re sad that someones chance at on-track hoonage has gone away (for now), but we’re not in love with the tone from the Hunterdon Democrat, nor are we so sure of the credentials behind the GTDC operation. We’re not saying they haven’t provided experiences for over 17,000 people, just that 23 people a day, every day, for the last two years seems like an awful lot of happy customers.

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