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New Blipshift Shirt: It’s Super-Duper Screamo Party Time!

Do you like superchargers? I do. I think the original Mad Max film drilled it in my brain that when an engine has a hat that goes WHIRRRR good things happen. So on a recent drive of the Durango Hellcat, I shouted that the engine produces something called Super Duper Screamo Party Time. A viewer/reader thought that would make for a good shirt, and here we are today. Yes, I’m sending them one too – all the way down to Australia, where Super Duper Screamo Party Time originated by the initial logic of this rambling post. Regardless, it’s time for you to get one if you’re so interested.

Head to Blipshift.com to find the shirt and snag one. While you’re there check out some of the other shirts and stickers we also have on sale. Maybe have a Super Duper Spendo Party Time? Huh? Huh? No one? Okay… bye now.

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