Need to cool off? Watch RJ Anderson rip across snow in his Polaris RZR

RJ Anderson has taken his heavily modified Polaris RZR just about everywhere. The XP1K series has been an unreal adventure showing just how far you can push a side-by-side. Well… not you. RJ though, he can do some wild stuff behind the wheel of a UTV. In his latest video, Anderson ditches the dirt and rutted trails we’re used to seeing him tracking down and swaps it all out for a snow-covered mountain.
The RZR has no problem adapting to the downhill. RJ winds up finding a buddy, in fact, as he’s joined by pro snowboarder Torstein Horgmo. The two slide on down the hill, and we have to imagine that Horgmo is just a tad freaked out that a motorized vehicle is right behind him. If so, he doesn’t show it and the pair soon take to the air. Jumps are hit, snow is flung, and much shredding is done this day.
As great as the driving (and riding) is, I can’t help but call out the cinematography. The Martelli brothers of Mad Media kill it with everyone of these RJ Anderson adventures they put out there. While these are clearly ads for the main sponsors, this is the sort of advertising we can get behind. The footage is excellent. The driving is amazing. And at the end of the day… yeah, I totally want a Polaris RZR.
I’ll crash it, but for a brief moment I can pretend I’m doing what RJ Anderson does in these videos.

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