NAIAS: The Booth Professionals at the Detroit Auto Show; Hey, what were you expecting anyway?

Yes we are enjoying ourselves here at the 2010 edition of the North American International Auto Show. Can’t you tell? If you want to follow all the real stuff (You know, like cars and stuff) follow this link. If you want to see some of the videos that engineerd shot, simply follow this link. However, if you here for more of the above, you will have to do so after the jump. Let me start by saying that the Chrysler booth (along with Ferrari, Fiat, and Maserati) had the most eye candy available. Each model was stunning. But I have to say that their job is one of the most frustrating on the floor. You have to stand there, while lecherous old men try and make small talk, and shout out commands like they are fashion photographers. On the other hand, I politely asked before I shot the photo (well, except for one shot), and thanked each of them when I was done. In contrast to the Chrysler and Audi booths, the Ford professionals actually were active in showing the press how the vehicle operates, or interacting with the crowd at their respective displays. They were simple more than window dressing, and I was impressed with their knowledge of the product or process they were demonstrating. Which brings me to the Mini booth. As I walked up to the display, I asked a couple of the girls if I could take their picture, to which I was rebuffed, with them saying no. I guess this actually cements the stereotype that the Mini is really a Gay Brand. Here are all the images that were shot at the show by engineerd and UDMan. And to Mr. Barrett, I hope you approve of the effort as well.

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