Mopar Quick Shift Thursday – A 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Coupe

Welcome to my Mopar Quick Shift Thursday. I do have one truck Thursday Posting coming up a bit later, but for the time being, I will be producing as many of these Quick Shift Postings as I can (and as much as the Managing Editors let me). Here is a beautifully restored Plymouth Road Runner (Post) Coupe in a shade of green that is used in almost 90% of the Mopars of this time period….

The Plymouth Road Runner was marketed as a back-to-basics Muscle Car, and it proved very successful. Chrysler only expected to sell around 2,000 cars in its first model year (which was 1968) but when the dust settled, over 45,000 Road Runners were delivered to eager buyers. This was astonishing on so many levels; First, the car was very basic, with few options offered. The early cars were based on a “pillared” coupe, with no carpeting, and a cloth and vinyl bench seat. Second, Chrysler only paid Warner Brothers $50,000 for the use of the Road Runner Cartoon Character (and another $10,000 to develop the famous “Beep-Beep” horn) and the tie in worked. Third, the standard equipment included a 383 CID V-8 producing 335 HP, and the Four-Speed Stick was also standard.

The first year Road Runner sold more cars than any of the other recognized Muscle Cars except for the Chevelle SS, and the Pontiac G-T-O. With first year success like that, changes were minimal for the 1969 model year. Motor Trend Magazine even named the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner as the Car of the Year. With the addition of a convertible, sales shot through the roof with over 82,000 sold for the 69 model year.

So let’s take a look at out subject 1969 Road Runner. This car shows how successful the base Road Runner can look, with the pillared coupe body, poverty hub caps, and a few judicious options. This was the first year in which you could order Bucket Seats, and a center console for your Road Runner, and this car shows off that interior. A Black Vinyl Roof was a popular option of this period, and it dresses up the car. Another option on this car was the Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic, which is thought to be the best automatic offered period.

This car is powered by the base 383 V-8, which is perfectly adequate for cruising around on any given Sunday. Everything is just right about this car, and it makes me want one…. badly. So, what do you think about this second year Road Runner?

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11 responses to “Mopar Quick Shift Thursday – A 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Coupe”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    Nice, but if I got a 69 runner, I'd prefer one with an optional engine.
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. topdeadcentre Avatar

      The hood rising up like that is perfectly normal — he's just happy to see you!

  2. muthalovin Avatar

    It is nice, clean and green.
    Again, an impressive turnout for this car show. More like this, please Managing Editors.

  3. tonyola Avatar

    Yeah, that moss green was big in 1969. Personally, I'd prefer a different color without the vinyl top. Take a close look at that pillared coupe roofline – it shares the same sheetmetal as the hardtop coupe, but those rear side windows flip open (like on a Duster) instead of rolling down.

  4. Dutch Avatar

    It needs a set of Cragar S/S, or Ansen Sprint, or Torq-thrust wheels. That's why they used the poverty caps. You were gonna go buy some chromies on the way home from the dealership anyway, so why bother with anything more?

  5. Stumack Avatar

    It wasn't the convertible that increased sales for 1969, it was the introduction of a 2-door hardtop and pretty much the entire option list from the Belvedere/Satellite line becoming available. The later cars are rarely as austere at the original '68s.

  6. RichardKopf Avatar

    Nice, but I would throw some whitewalls and full wheel covers on mine. I think everyone knows that dog dish hubcaps mean something serious is afoot with your car.

  7. Jim-Bob Avatar

    Who says going green has to be boring? If it means driving a 1968 Road Runner on a daily basis I say bring it on!

  8. Van Sarockin Avatar
    Van Sarockin

    Road Runner, Road Runner, goin' faster miles an hour….

  9. Relic Avatar

    I feel sick. I HAD a 69 roadrunner, 383, factory cast iron low restriction manifolds, automatic, bucket seats, burnt orange. Real nice shape, just needed some TLC and $'s to get her back to prime. I found a good home for her, a machinist by trade, and big mopar fan, so I know she'd be taken care of. But I was young, a new dad, and was leaving town, so I left her behind. I think I need a beer….

  10. Maria Avatar

    I liked this road runner bannered car. As this is one of my favorite cartoon characters.