Mopar Quick Shift Thursday – A 1962 Plymouth 413 Super Stock

Welcome to the continuing saga that is the Mopar Quick Shift Thursday. Our next car is a bombshell, as its one of the very rare 413 Super Stock Plymouths from 1962. The Max Wedge 413 was as rare — and as difficult to manage — on the street as any other factory engine built primarily for competition, but it had such an aura to it. Let’s take a look…

The new 413-cubic-inch Max Wedge V-8 equipped with twin 659cfm Carter AFB carburetors mounted in tandem, the 413 made 410 horsepower. Chrysler arrived at the 413 by stroking the B-Block 383, which had been around since 1959. It had solid lifters, dual valve springs to combat valve float over 6000 rpm, magnafluxed rods, wedge-shaped combustion chambers, and short-ram induction manifolds.

The Plymouth’s engine bay was too narrow to allow the 413’s exhaust headers to exit downward. So Chrysler routed the cast-iron headers upward first in a ram’s-horn sweep that, along with the tandem carbs, became a trademark of this “maximum wedge” engine. The 413 Max Wedge came to Dodge and Plymouth full-size cars in the spring of ’62 as a limited, high-performance option. Most found their way into bare-bones, no-frills two-door sedans ordered primarily for the strip. The 3100-pound Plymouth Savoy or Belvedere could shed even more weight by being ordered without heater, radio, and sound deadening as this particular is equipped.

This is a 1962 Savoy that has just undergone an extensive restoration. Its no beauty queen, but it is significant, and very rare with only 298 produced for 1962. This car has the Three-Speed manual as the Four-Speed wasn’t even offered with the engine. What do you think this rare yet beastly car?

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8 responses to “Mopar Quick Shift Thursday – A 1962 Plymouth 413 Super Stock”

  1. waltgator Avatar

    thats a great looking ride! nice style and simple clean very cool!

  2. Van Saorckin Avatar
    Van Saorckin

    This car is all about the motor. And that's enough for this one. I'm also very much liking the dash.

  3. OA5599 Avatar

    The 413 isn't a stroked B-block. It's an RB-block, which has very similar geometry and layout to a B, but a taller deck (RB stands for "raised B").

  4. jeremy![™] Avatar

    needs more milk jug sized water pump.

  5. AteUpWithMotor Avatar

    Now, if Jim could find a Valiant Hyper-Pak…

  6. AteUpWithMotor Avatar

    Drag-racing antics were probably the only bright spot for Chrysler in '62. Racers may have appreciated these cars, but for the most part, the public didn't.
    I wrote about the whole odd saga back in 2009:

  7. topdeadcentre Avatar

    Check out the asymmetric shape around the gauge cluster… midcentury design at its finest…
    <img src="; >

  8. Kenwood Avatar

    Whenever I see that engine, I think of this…
    [youtube irQf50m5Jvw youtube]