Modern Art Monday – You can own Dick Clark's Cord 8/10 now listed on eBay… But at what cost?

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We haven’t had a Modern Art Monday piece in a very long time, and my last one was this very good looking Cord… Funny how that works out. However, this is a Cord Replica, built in 1966 by the Cord Automobile Company of Tulsa Oklahoma. The designation 8/10 was actually the scale of the replica, as it was 20% smaller than the original Cord 810 from the 30s. So, what do you think of this diminutive pretender?

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I found a similar Cord 8/10 that was sold, and used most of the description for this post here. You can view the original ad listing here. The Cord 8/10 was:

This vehicle is one of only 97 factory built by the Cord Automobile Company of Tulsa Oklahoma in 1966. This is not a kit car, but a factory re-release of a 1936/37 Cord Sportsman as originally designed by Gorden Miller Buehrig back in 1936/37. He was commissioned to design this vehicle to an 80% scale of his original Cord design, and it is true to scale. This vehicle has a 100 inch wheel base and carries it’s own full steel frame (440 lbs). It is a 2 seater with a very small jump seat.

This car looks like it has the 140 HP version of the Corvair engine with the Corvair transaxle and Powerglide automatic transmission. The powertrain is mounted up front and this permits the vehicle to have front wheel drive just as the original 1936 models.

The body, deck lid, hood and doors are all manufactured from a product called Royalex (made by US Royal). The windshield frame, front and rear bumpers, lid hinge straps & latches and instrument panel plate and moldings are all original 1936/37 Cord parts.

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There is very little about the car within the ad as the seller is more interested in describing the car as a true collectible because of the Dick Clark connection. It may be in very good condition, and there is a celebrity connection, but the selling price of $55,999 is pure fantasy, in my opinion. A turbocharged version was listed at $27,500, and I doubt if the seller realized that amount.

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Look, these are merely interesting curiosities, a footnote to the Cord Automobiles from a long time ago. Do you think they are close to the asking price, with or without any celebrity connection? See the ad here: [sc:ebay itemid=”350759844573″ linktext=”Dick Clark’s 1966 Cord 8/10 Sportsman” ]

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22 responses to “Modern Art Monday – You can own Dick Clark's Cord 8/10 now listed on eBay… But at what cost?”

  1. OA5599 Avatar

    If he drove an 80% scale car, Dick must have been pretty small.

  2. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    At 8/10 scale, does that make it Cord-less?

  3. Alff Avatar

    Like it's owner, this car is well preserved and largely constructed of plastic.

  4. Kogashiwa Avatar

    Looks pretty off. I don't see why this would fetch any more than any other replicar i.e. not a lot.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      The fact that Buehrig designed it lends a bit more weight to its claim as a genuine Cord in its own right (which technically it is), but yeah, the lines aren't quite right.

  5. dukeisduke Avatar

    I've heard of those things; sometimes they show up at CORSA conventions, but they're not even as common as UltraVans.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      I can recall having seen four UltraVans and three 8/10 Cords in my life. I'd still rather see a fifth UltraVan.

  6. Number_Six Avatar

    This would be like owning John Voight's ConvertiBaron, except way less awesome.

    1. Alff Avatar

      You mean the dentist?

  7. Gooberpeaz Avatar

    Oh, 20% less Cord – – I thought it was a photo of 20% more Dick… Clark

  8. Slow_Joe_Crow Avatar

    So is this the only other example of the Tempo Matador design approach of turning rear engine RWD power pack into a front engine FWD power pack?

    1. stigshift Avatar

      I'd rather have a Tempo Matador.

    2. Maymar Avatar

      I was going to say the Lamborghini/Audi V10, although that's a little tenuous (since the S6/8 are AWD, albeit derived from FWDish platforms, and there's speculation the Audi V8 was spun into the Lamborghini V10 which was then spun into the Audi V10). Also, the Taurus SHO V6 (except apparently plans for the Taurus SHO came before the stillborn mid-engined sports car they proposed). Oh, and the original VW Gol, which used a Beetle engine slung up front.

  9. MVEilenstein Avatar

    No chance it gets $56k.

  10. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

    Do you think, when Errett died in 1974, everybody said RIP Cord?

    1. Jim Brennan Avatar
      Jim Brennan

      um…. I'm speechless…

      1. Rust-MyEnemy Avatar

        I bet you wish I was, too…

  11. Fritzo2162 Avatar

    Look at that engine. Everything is accessible….god I miss the old days 🙂

  12. Maymar Avatar

    I'd only pay 27k if they faithfully recreated the Cord's dash mounted shifter. Otherwise, I'd rather just have a nice Corvair.

  13. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat Avatar
    C³-Cool Cadillac Cat…
    Me and mom, 'n dad and sis
    Were sittin' 'round feelin' all right
    Dad freaked when he thought he heard
    A Cord goin' bump in the night
    Not what he thought
    Everywhere he'd go
    People wanna get in a fight
    And when it broke down, he was throwin' gas around
    Askin' if he could bum 'im a light

  14. Tutuvabene Avatar

    Many would say it's cute. But it just looks too homemade. I wonder why Clark didn't obtain the real thing, since he had the cash.

  15. BluesHarp Avatar

    Because one could reasonably expect to be able to drive this one somewhere and still get home in time for Johnny Carson.