Modern Art Monday – This is a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle… Yes, it really is!

I hope you all had fun during the Hooniverse Overseas Via eBay Weekend Edition that was this past weekend, because I found one last gem that was listed in the German eBay Motors Site. This is a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle that has been transformed into… I’m not exactly sure what it has been transformed into, so I’m calling it Art.

There is surprisingly little information about this car. It is for sale, that I can ascertain. There is 100 miles on the odometer, or is that 100 KM, or is that 100,000 KM… it is not at all clear. However, at the end of the listing there is this warning: THE CAR IS LOCATED IN BULGARIA!

The opening bid is €4,000 or approximately $5,200. That is a lot of money for what is essentially an unrecognizable vehicle currently stashed in Bulgaria of all places. Take a look at the listing, and tell me what you think of this art piece.

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