Modern Art Monday – How do you feel about making a Resto-Mod from a rare and beautiful car?

I say off with his head. My God, why would anyone ever do such a thing in the first place. This is a very rare and very beautiful 1936 Cord Westchester Sedan, a car that has received “Full Classic” status from the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA). According to the seller, this Cord started out as a solid piece, not a derelict found in the field. It may look great from the lead image, but wait until you see what the owner did to this Art Deco Bombshell…

If you are even a casual connoisseur of classic automobiles, you already know that the Cord was one of the most glamorous of the classic car era. E.L. Cord once controlled several high line car brands including Auburn, Duesenberg, and his namesake, the Cord. One of the last gasps of the Cord Company was the release of the Cord 810, conceived in the depths of the depression, with stunning lines, very little chrome, and pioneering front-wheel-drive. It was too late to save the company, but the car is as breathtaking today as it was when released to the public.

It should have been restored to it’s former beauty, but now its a resto-mod. Instead of a Lycoming V-8 under that trademark coffin shaped hood, there now sits a 2002 LS1 SBC V-8. Instead of retaining FWD, it is now a Rear Drive car. Instead of a proper manual transmission, there is now an Automatic. The instrunemt panel has been re-created, and the seats have been re-upholstered. It looks great from 10 feet away, only your hearts drops out once you find that it has been transformed into a shell of its former self.

See the listing here, with the bidding reaching $18,800 with a little over four days left, and tell me if I’m off base with my rant.

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