Modern Art Monday – A 1965 Imperial; Once you see it, you can't un-see it!

Well, I don’t usually do a Monday Piece (Since I stopped doing the Classic Caption Contest that is), but I have just a bit of time to show you all this thing. This 1965 Imperial looks a little pimped out from the front, but you have to make the jump to see the rest…

This was an Imperial 4-Door Hardtop that was put on a considerable diet. It is one of those unfortunate custom jobs that sounded better than it actually turned out, though that may just be my opinion. It is for sale from the great state of Tennessee, just like this abomination. With twenty days to go, the Buy-it-Now price is $11,000, which is also unfortunate. Take a good look at the listing here, and try not to lose your lunch.

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