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Mitsubishi creates great livery for Rebelle Rally to honor Dakar history

Mitsubishi will run its 2022 Outlander in the upcoming Rebelle Rally. The vehicle will be driven by military veterans and it’s wearing a livery that pays homage to its Dakar roots and one kick-ass driver. Jutta Kleinschmidt is a German racer who piloted a Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution in the 2001 Dakar Rally and won. She remains the only woman to win the race, and the only German to do so in the “Cars” category.

jutta pajero dakar

The 2022 Outlander will wear a livery designed to mimic Jutta’s truck. And we have to say both the look on the Outlander and the decision to run this look are both great. The Outlander is a …tough truck… to make look cool but this livery helps with that a lot. Now, this thing just needs the massive mud flaps, cooler wheels, and a shorter wheelbase and we’re in business. Well, closer to business being open, I guess.

Back to Jutta though, as she didn’t just compete for years in the Cars category. She started on motorcycles. Back in 1988, Kleinschmidt hung a leg over a BMW and set off into the desert. She did so again in 1992 and then ran the event on a KTM in 1994. After that, it was cars from 1995 through 2007. Her best finish was that class win in 2001, but she also finished on the podium three other times (1999, 2002, and 2005). Two of those three other times were behind the wheel of a Pajero as well.

Most recently, Jutta competed in the Extreme E electric off-road racing series. She finished 12th overall for the Abt Cupra XE team and earned 22 points, including a podium spot at the Ocean X-Prix race.

Jutta Kleinschmidt is a badass, and Mitsubishi is smart to honor her in this way.

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