gad motors v-class

Mega Sleeper: GAD Motors stuffs an AMG V8 into the nose of a V-Class van!

I’m a big fan of the smaller vans in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. The full-size Sprinter is great but it’s the Metris that I really enjoy. While it’s called the Metris in North America, it goes by a handful of other names in different parts of the world. It’s commonly called a Vito or V-Class. And this particular V-Class kicks massive amounts of ass. That’s thanks to a company called GAD Motors, which has taken this formerly diesel-powered thing and swapped the engine for a much more potent twin-turbocharged V8.

There’s clearly enough room in the engine bay. And now this V-Class packs 585-horsepower worth of AMG goodness. To help with the increased oomph, GAD has also modified the suspension, swapped on ceramic brakes, and adjusted the nine-speed gearbox. The resulting product is one of the coolest vans out there. I love the noise, the wheels, and the fact that this is a real-deal sleeper… in that you could surprise many cars on the road, and actually sleep in it if you wanted.

Excellent work on this one, GAD Motors!

[Source: Automotive Mike/Youtube via Road & Track and GAD Motors]

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