McLaren looks to the future with its Track25 planA future with more models and total hybridization

McLaren is leading the changeover from a global horsepower war to one focused on cutting weight. The British automaker is primed to open its new McLaren Composites Technology Center (MCTC), which will increase the amount of light-yet-strong materials that Woking’s finest will have on hand. It’s all part of McLaren’s just announced Track25 plan for the future.
The meatiest points involve exponential growth of lineup and a focus on total hybridization. Between now and 2025, McLaren will introduce 18 new models (or derivatives). Its Sports and Super Series cars will be filled out with all models packed with hybrid powertrains.
Another bright bit of news is that McLaren will launch the successor to the P1 within this time frame as well. Sure, the Senna is here but that’s much more focused on decimating lap times. With the P1 successor, McLaren will offer hyper car performance while delivering a vehicle that’s still a proper road car.
It’s an ambitious plan, but one we’re keen to keep an eye on. As McLaren ramps up its composite production, and leads the way to added lightness, we hope other automakers follow along. Mazda is always looking to remove poundage from its MX-5. Ford and Chevy would be wise to find ways to reduce the mass of their lineups. Everyone out there needs to make lighter vehicles.
This will ease the demands of and need for overpowered engines. A lighter vehicle, quite simply, needs less motivation to move. You’ll then find an enjoyable machine to operate, while it requires less fuel to do so.

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