Mark your calendars for Collector Car Appreciation Day

On July 4th, we celebrate the Independence of our nation. On the fourth Thursday of every November, we give thanks. On August 7th, we celebrate the birth of Jeff Glucker. On December 25th, many of us celebrate Christmas. Now, there is a day to celebrate “collector cars”, and it’s going to be July 13th.

Senator Jon Tester [D-MT] from Montana has put a bill before the Senate to recognize July 13th as Collector Car Appreciation Day. The bill was introduced on May9th, 2012, and was promptly passed. The idea behind making this a special day is “that the collection and restoration of historic and classic cars is an important part of preserving the technological achievements and cultural heritage”, according to Senator Tester.

Do we support the passing of this bill? Yes, of course we do, we love cars!

Still, we hope to see the LeMons version of this to pass in the coming years, or perhaps a to celebrate the greatness of the Corvair. Fingers crossed, because when we finally get our own Jim Brennan into the world of politics, we’ll find a way to make this happen.

[Source: GovTrack]

[Image copyright 2012 Glucker]

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