Listen to the glorious noise of a NASCAR Dodge Charger ripping along at 200+ mph

The Silver State Classic is a road-race event held in Nevada. It’s been running for decades now, and it attracts all sorts of vehicles aiming to run through the desert at high speed. A highway is shut down. There’s a starting line and a finish line. And the goal is to get from one end to the other as quickly as possible. In 2011, driver Jim Peruto decided the best way to do this was in a modified 2006 Dodge Charger. Not a normal Charger, mind you, but a NASCAR Charger.

Peruto competed in the Unlimited Class. His car was modified for the all-out speed assault. Over the course of his run, Peruto pushed that Charger to an average speed of 217 miles per hour. His high trap speed was 222 mph, and it’s been rumored that he hit speeds as high as 257 along the way.

That’s got to be a wild run. It certainly sounds amazing in the video posted to Twitter, which you can see above. And here’s a view of it leaving the starting line:

The volume in the second video is quite loud, so get ready,

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