Lewis Hamilton … is a dickhead

Let me clarify that, Lewis Hamilton is a dickhead according to Australian Roads Minister Tim Pallas. This comes after Hamilton had his car impounded for doing burnouts last week. Australia has very strong anti-hoon laws and the state government recently launched a “Don’t Be a Dickhead” campaign. The name is hilariously awful, but it seems some of the local citizens as well as a few F1 folks don’t find it that funny. Fellow driver Mark Weber came out and called Australia a “nanny state” and he was subsequently blasted by Deputy Commissioner Ken Lay. Commissioner Lay said some of his fans were alive because of their aggressive approach to safety. What say you good readers – Has the land of Mad Max become too strict on the local hoons or is Weber just being whiny? Also, is Hamilton really a dickhead for his burnout shenanigans? I know if I had a big-bad Benz and serious F1 money, I would light up the tires from time to time. Hell, I only have Hooniverse money and I make time for the occasional burnout. Thanks to Mark for the long distance tip, mate! [Read the whole article at The Age]

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