Last Call: The wheels on the truck go up and down

I was just outside of Barstow, California. All around me was dirt and the sound of an uncorked twin-turbocharged V6 engine filled the air. In the distance, dust swirled. That dust was being created by the latest Honda Ridgeline off-road race truck, with driver Jeff Procter at the wheel.

This is what the truck looks like as it goes past. Isn’t it wonderful?

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3 responses to “Last Call: The wheels on the truck go up and down”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    It’s amazing how the truck remains so level, and all of the (considerable!) motion is handled by the suspension. These things must wallow around like jello molds on normal highways. There’s no way a vehicle with that much suspension travel wouldn’t lean in a turn.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      It definitely leans in turns and under braking and acceleration. It’s so much damn fun.

  2. outback_ute Avatar

    When you mentioned a Ridgeline offroad race truck I was thinking of an actual Ridgeline as in Dakar T2 class for modified production vehicles, not a V6 trophy truck.