Ram tells Ford to pop the hood

Last Call: Pop the Hood!

Ford revealed its updated 2021 Raptor today. Some were hoping to hear that the V8 version is ready to rock. That’s not the case yet, as the Raptor R is coming next year. So Ram took the chance to poke a little fun, and this is the kind of trolling we’re here for…

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One response to “Last Call: Pop the Hood!”

  1. Irishbatzomboxman Avatar

    Memorable quotes from mechanics over the years:

    “I replaced everything I could reach.” Re: Ford Econoline trying to pass emissions inspection after 30 years without a test.

    “I started it up with the test gauge on there and your oil pressure was fine. For about 90 seconds.” Re: F-250 with low-end rod knock noise and zero reading on dashboard.oil gauge.