ford raptor in the dark

Last Call: Gen 3 Ford Raptors reporting for pre-dawn duty

Journalists are in Nevada to drive the new Ford Raptor. And, likely because it’s insanely hot there during the day right now, it seems the groups are beginning their drive events before the sun comes up. So MotorAuthority’s Joel Feder captured the trucks rolling to a stop before the sun is sweltering overhead.

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2 responses to “Last Call: Gen 3 Ford Raptors reporting for pre-dawn duty”

  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Slow moving Raptors are the opposite of Velociraptors? Just wondering, do you keep bumping into the same colleagues when you go to these events, Jeff?

    On “hot days”…the all time hottest summer on record has been weird in the North. It hasn’t really ever rained during the daytime, just at night. With little snow this winter, our reservoirs are quite empty, compounded with new electricity transmission lines to the continent, we pay, on average, 35 times as much for power now as we did last year, when we had record amounts of snow and thus record low prices. Yay, hydropower! The heat also enables us to hike places that are usually less accessible. Where there used to be water, we can often just cross lake beds, cutting short hikes that would usually take many more hours. I hope the rest of the commentariat here is experiencing equally benign hot summer effects?

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      There is a cadre of journalists that are constantly out on “the circuit” so yes you see a lot of familiar faces when you attend events like these.