Land Rover Defender 130 Outbound – Surprisingly Great Off-Road

The Defender 130 was initially the JLR truck that piqued my interest the least. That’s because the 110 is the perfect size for me personally. I don’t need or want a three-row SUV, but more cargo room is a nice thing to have. So, the arrival of the D130 in Outbound spec has caught my attention.

For this one, JLR ditches that third row. They also put window blanks where the far back glass would be, and then they actually toss on proper tires. The Defender 130 Outbound wears all-terrains, which is what any Defender should be wearing. Now, if JLR will just allow you to spec one of these with the V8, we’d have a serious adventure-ready rig on our hands. Still, even with the P400 powertrain, it’s surprisingly excellent off-road. And it looks better in person, too.

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