Lancia Delta Group B Rally Car on Ebay; What Do You Think Its Worth?

Another great Tip from The Doctor (Thanks, Man!), who alerted us to a piece of rolling history. This is an actual Group B Lancia Delta S4 Rally Car, from what was probably the greatest chapter in Racing History, the FIA World Rally Championship in 1985 and 1986. Group B was banned after the 1986 season, and the racers that were built are legendary. Only 28 of these magnificent Lancias were built, and the survivors are quickly becoming prized possessions among collectors of rare racing machines. This car only shows 3000 Km, and is in pristine shape. According to the listing, the starting big is a heart stopping $500,000. Go here to see the Ebay Offering. So, is $500 large too much for this car, and is any of the remaining Group B giant killers anywhere worth this princely sum? Express your thoughts below.

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