Heading to ChumpCar Next Weekend? Try Your Hand At Some Beer Pong

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL
I was just sent an email from friend of Hooniverse Rob Krider about something fun they have planned for the upcoming ChumpCar race, next weekend at Infineon Raceway. If you enjoy competition AND drinking, then you are in store for a treat. I present the:
Krider Racing Beer Pong Tournament at ChumpCar .. er,  yeah the title needs work but it should be fun regardless. Keep reading for more info and the rules.

Krider Racing will be hosting a beer pong tourney Saturday night at the ChumpCar World Series race at Infineon Raceway on January 9, 2010. For the event, the boys of Krider Racing rented one of the Infineon garages, which over the years has housed such storied cars as the Le Mans winning Audi RT10 and Danika Patrick’s Indy car team. What is Krider Racing going to do with such hallowed ground? “Park a piece of shit $500 car in it and play some beer pong,” says Speed Sport Life contributor Rob Krider.
The ChumpCar event at Infineon kicks off the 2010 crap-can racing season with the 24 Hours of LeMons following just a few weeks behind at Firebird International Raceway in Arizona, on January 23-24, 2010.
The beer pong tournament will utilize the World Series of Beer Pong rules and winners will be rewarded with swag from Figstone Graphics and a hangover.

So for any hoons heading out to Infineon next weekend, make sure to get there early and see if your wrenching skills translate into beer pong skills.
To stoke the flames a little bit, if Krider brings this table to future racing events I will be ready to throw down the gauntlet – how many other 29 year olds do you know with their own BP tables (complete with flame graphics, because my game is hot fire)? Wait don’t answer that question, I know I am too old for the table…

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  2. Jonny Lieberman Avatar
    Jonny Lieberman

    Ahem. Some drunken heathens with a Miata cut to look like the SR-71 Blackbird had a beer pong table at South Carolina LeMons.